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Technology is a part of our everyday lives.
It connects us. It entertains us.

We use it for banking, shopping, and running our lives.

However, the uncertainty of whether or not you are safe and secure from scammers & hackers can sometimes be scary.

That’s where My Cyber Guardians comes in.


  • “The average financial loss from a cyber attack on a person over 50 is $17,662” – AARP April 2022
  • “An increase of more than 300,000 internet crime complaints happened in 2019″ – FBI 2020 Internet Crime Report
  • “In 2021, the SSA received over 500,000 reports of identity theft.” – Social Security Administration

What We Do

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Has someone called you claiming to be tech support? Feel unsure about that threatening email that came in? Someone contacting you on social media to send money?

We are here to be your direct contact to ask, in case you get in these difficult situations.


We use a robust, multi-layer defense system to manage and monitor your devices, ensuring your safety & security against threats from scammers & hackers. Providing you with peace of mind.


There are an estimated 30,000 NEW ways for hackers to exploit YOU every hour. Our service is proactively protecting you, 24/7 to make sure you are safe against these online threats.

Keep You Safe & Secure From Scammers & Hackers

Make Sure Your Devices Are Safe, Which Keeps You Connected with Friends & Family

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